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BrainHQ Brain Training


Save 20% on Subscriptions to Effective Brain Exercises

Improve your brain health and performance with BrainHQ—an online brain-training system with exercises that work out attention, memory, brain speed, people skills, intelligence, and navigation.

These aren’t just “brain games.” They really work. 100+ published papers show benefits from using BrainHQ, including:

  • Better cognitive skills, including sharper memory and faster processing

  • Enhanced real-world performance, including fewer car crashes and better balance

  • Improvements in the health of the brain, including in its white matter and neuronal activity

What’s more, almost every adult can use BrainHQ.

  • The exercises adapt to your performance, so that you’re always training at the right level for you.

  • The program gives lots of information on your progress so you know how you’re doing.

  • You can set goals and send yourself reminders to stay on track!


So join NCA today and save 20% on BrainHQ for a happier, healthier brain.


20% OFF



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