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GreatCall Cell Phones

NCA Exclusive Deal

Save 20% off medical alert and cell phones for seniors

Today, there’s a new generation of older Americans. More active. More mobile. More independent. That’s why GreatCall has redefined medical alert service for the way we age today. Our devices are easy to use and feature exclusive health and safety solutions that enhance your well-being, let you maintain your independence and help caregivers feel more capable.

GreatCall has introduced three exclusive health and safety products:

  • The GreatCall Splash is a mobile, waterproof one-button medical alert device that goes everywhere you go, even in the shower.

  • The Jitterbug5 is a cell phone and medical alert all in one, with a dedicated 5Star Medical Alert button for help 24/7.

  • The new Jitterbug Touch3 is the only smartphone with built-in medical alert apps, so you will always be in control of your own well-being.

Staying independent has never been this easy. Join NCA today and save 20% off all GreatCall devices!



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