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Hearing Aid Discounts

NCA Exclusive Deal

NCA Members Save 30-70% Off Hear in America Hearing Aids!

Founded in 1995, Hear In America became the first company to provide hearing benefits to Associations nationally. Located in Louisville, Kentucky, Hear in America provides coverage to members of Employer Groups, Associations, Unions, and Insurance Carriers. With a growing national network of Audiologists and Licensed Hearing Specialists, members have the convenience of visiting local providers that provide the highest quality hearing care services. Hear In America acts as an advocate for members by educating, assisting, and diligently following up on the services they receive.

NCA Hearing Benefits Include:

  • FREE enrollment

  • NO premiums

  • Free Annual Hearing Screening for you and your extended family

  • Access to a nationwide network of 2,200+ hearing locations

  • Discounts of 30-70% off MSRP on top quality hearing aids from 9 different manufacturers

  • 3 Year Repair Warranty

  • 3 Year Loss and Damage Coverage

  • 3 years of hearing aid cleaning and check-up service

  • 3 Years of free batteries with every hearing aid purchase

  • No-interest financing available

  • Extended warranties available to purchase for your current hearing aids


Hearing Aids

Save 30-70%

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