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5 Quick Tips to Cash in Cyber Monday!

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

With Thanksgiving Day turkey and Black Friday deals behind us, we’re eagerly looking forward to Cyber Monday and all the delicious deals it has in store. Cyber Monday has quickly become one of the top 10 biggest shopping days of the year. In fact, in 2014 eCommerce shoppers spent $2.04 billion dollars on Cyber Monday. So how can you get the best Cyber Monday deals? We’ve got five quick tips to help you take your Cyber Monday sales shopping to the next level!

What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is the 10th largest Shopping day of the year. Officially coined in 2005, but with roots in the years before, it is traditionally scheduled on the Monday after Thanksgiving. Much like Black Friday, Cyber Monday is a day in which many retailers have sales and deals on a wide range of products from electronics to food to insurance. It’s a day that rewards research and timely purchases all while shopping from your very own home (or cubicle). 

1. Get Organized

More of a general tip for the holidays, it’s always a good idea to make a list and check it twice. Keep track of everyone you plan on buying for during the holiday season, so no one is overlooked in the Cyber Monday excitement. Also, bookmarking any early releases that you can revisit later is a great way to stay on top of Cyber Monday Deals.

2. Pay Attention to Extra Costs

The number one thing to consider when purchasing something from a Cyber Monday sale is: What are the additional costs of this purchase? Many people overlook shipping, handling or extra taxes on sale items when they see a stellar deal. Keeping an eye on all purchases is a must, but when you’re in a hurry, try to focus on keeping shipping and handling costs low!

3. Be Aware of Doorbusters

A “Doorbuster” is any sale or deal in which items are limited, so only those who are busting through the doors can get their hands on them. While it’s a common practice to drive up demand and excitement, there are plenty of sites (including that don’t have doorbusters but still offer great Cyber Monday Deals!

4. Look for Everything you Need

While most people will be shopping on Cyber Monday for sales and deals on electronics and toys, don’t be afraid to look for other things you need. Everything from goods and services like health or pharmacy, dental and pet insurance to everyday goods like vitamins and computer software are all great to pick-up during Cyber Monday. 

5. Stay Focused

Once you’ve made your list and planned your spending, the most important advice is to stay focused. Staying focused will help you stay on budget and avoid the distractions of other last-minute deals to keep your eye on the prize!  Cyber Monday brings the excitement of Black Friday all while shopping from the comfort of your home. With these five quick tips, you’ll be able to get a jump-start on your holiday shopping list. Just like many online retailers, The National Consumer Alliance will be here on Cyber Monday with deals and sales on all the goods, services and benefits that our 140,000 members rely on. Happy shopping, and we’ll see you on Cyber Monday!


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