Member Testimonials

Teladoc Testimonials

“…It is beyond my best expectations. I used it today and I have to tell you it was everything you said it was and more. I had a tooth infection, I called TelaDoc™ and in less than 5 minutes a doctor called, in 1 hour I picked up a script. UNREAL...... Going to tell everyone I know how awesome this program is. Thank you, Thank you so much.”  - Greg J., CA


”Your service is 100%. I’m impressed!”  - Marian B., TX


“I have used the service a few times and it is absolutely the best thing in the whole world. I Love, Love, Love, Love, Love it.”  - Michael K., TX


“It’s hard to improve on an outstanding job.”  - Roy R., CO


“I love TelaDoc™! I used it when I had poison ivy. I was only sorry I hadn’t used it days earlier. It was easy, quick and very convenient. I called TelaDoc™ at 7:30 p.m. and had my prescription ready at CVS at 9:00 p.m. Then, I used my discount card for my prescription for steroids and they were half price.”  - Celeste C., TX


“Everything was excellent!”  - Tavarra J., CA


“The doctor was very friendly and made me feel secure in his diagnosis. I have told three other people how well TelaDoc™ works!”  - Linda M., GA


“Wonderful service! I had no problems.”  - Naomi J., AL


“The service was a blessing for me. Being without medical insurance and not sure how the service would work, I was shocked.”  - Yolanda G., CA



Vision Testimonials

“My glasses normally cost me $385 a pair. They are executive size, hinged frame, scratch resistant plastic lens bifocals. With my discount card, the exact same pair of glasses cost me $150-- a $235 savings!”  - Robert R., CA


“I picked out some new frames (flexible) and they worked up pricing with progressive bifocals scratch resistance, etc. and it came to $424. When I showed my card she refigured the price and the glasses went from $424 to $219. Nice benefit!”  - Raul L., FL


“I took my five-year-old daughter to Texas State Optical (TSO) and priced a pair of glasses. She requires a special lens for one eye. My concern was the special lens would drive up the cost for the glasses. Well you cannot imagine how pleasantly surprised I was when the lady at TSO told me that with the Vision benefit card, I would save over $90.”  - Amy S., TX


“I just wanted to express how impressed we are with the quality of providers and service connected to your discount card. I am happy to say we will continue to renew our discount card every year.”  - Lisa H., TX


“About 2 weeks ago, I needed to have my eyes examined so I could reorder new contact lens. So I went to my optometrist at LensCrafters for my eye examination. The new lens for a 6 month supply is $280; I was in shock. I am use to paying around $135 for a 6 month supply. My price [with my discount card] was $76 for a 6 month supply.”  - Steven R., FL

“By using the discount card, I saved nearly half of the total expense for my prescription eye glasses. The eye exam fee plus the cost of two pairs of frames and lenses totaled nearly $600. With the discount program, my total was less than $350. Basically, I was able to get the second pair of glasses for free.”  - Darryll L., MO


“I just bought a new pair of glasses at Pearle Vision and saved $160, 30% off the total.”  - Don H., TX


“A customer priced her glasses (that are not covered by insurance) and found out she will save $95 on the glasses by using the discount card. One use more than pays for itself.”  - Allison M., GA


“My youngest daughter had a vision appointment. After everything was done, the eye exam with the lens and frames added up to a total cost of $178 with my insurance. When I asked if they accepted my discount, which they did, it cut my cost to $98-- that's a savings of $80. So with just one visit to the eye doctor, I already saved what it cost to buy the card.”  - Tullison, AZ


“I have good health insurance, but it does not include Vision. During a regular visit to my eye doctor with my daughters, I asked how the Discount Card could help out. I saved $212 on one pair of frames and lenses. I am already way ahead!”  - Linda, GA



Dental Testimonials

“I went to a dentist in the dental network and asked what needed to be done. I have some very large, old fillings. My previous dentist told me I would need to have the teeth crowned. The network dentist, knowing I did not have insurance but did have the discount dental plan, said the crowns were one option and replacing the fillings was another. Had I chosen the crowns, my cost without insurance or the card would have been $750 per crown. With the dental plan, the same crowns would have been $496, a savings of over $250 on each crown. As it was, I wound up paying $142 for two fillings instead of $180, for a savings of $38. I was very pleased.”  - Greg J., CA


“I recently added the discount card as an employee benefit for my staff. I had immediate positive feedback and used my own card with great results. My receptionist saved $780 when she found her orthodontist was in network and I personally saved $104 when I bought two pairs of Serengeti sunglasses for my Caribbean honeymoon!”  - John M., TX


“Two weeks after receiving my discount card I had a dental emergency. With the discount card, I was able to locate a dental provider very near to my office. The emergency I experienced required I have one tooth capped and another one filled. The discount card saved me $200.”  - Wood S., CA


“In June, my wife went to the dentist and needed to have work done on her teeth-- the total cost would be somewhere in the neighborhood of $8,000. I then went back to the billing office and showed them my card and the bill was reduced to about $1,600. I do not view it as being better than insurance, but I do think it is a tremendous help when insurance is not able to help.”  - Daniel G., TX


“We saved $1,042, which is 25% off, on the cost of our daughter’s braces at a major chain. WOW!”  - Carolyn H., TX


“I called my son's Orthodontist after verifying he was a participant and saved an additional $700 on his braces”  - Karen C., CT


“I just went for my 6 month check-up at the dentist. On the way over, I remembered my discount card and wondered if it would save me any money on my cleaning and X-rays. When I got there, I gave the receptionist my card and told them I knew it wasn’t insurance but didn’t know if it was of any benefit. She said it couldn’t hurt to check. My X-rays and check-up cost me approximately $85 less by using the card. I was so happy to learn that! THANK YOU SO MUCH.”  - John W., TX


“My husband went to the dentist today to have a root canal done. It would have been $575, but with his discount we paid $400… that’s a good deal! Thanks!”  - D.B.


“I was pleasantly surprised when the wife used the discount card. She saved almost $500 on a couple of dental procedures which included two crowns and X-rays. We saved more than 25%!”  - NC



Health Advocacy Testimonial

“I received a bill from my doctor several months after an office visit for $70 and I wasn’t sure why I was being charged. I called Health Advocacy, and a health advocate got a rep from my insurance company on the phone to explain exactly what the bill was for. It was nice to have someone on my side to speak with the insurance rep instead of calling on my own. The next time I have a question on a medical bill, Health Advocacy is the first call I will make.”  - Kendal E., TX



Nurseline™ Testimonial

“I recently visited the eye doctor. My doctor told me I have an eye condition, but she was very rushed and didn't explain it to me. When I got home, I wanted more information about my condition - is it serious? Should I be worried? Thanks to my employer, I have the Health Advocate benefit bundle. I called the number and spoke with a representative, who redirected me to one of their nurses right away. I told the nurse the name of my condition and she calmly explained exactly what it is and how I should handle it. I felt as though she really cared about making sure I understood it completely - the opposite feeling that I had with my eye doctor. I look forward to using this benefit again!”  - K. Erskine, Dallas, TX